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DIS offers IT services to support enterprises at every level. These include Management Consulting, Cloud Architecture, Software Development, Agile Implementation and Coaching Support, Data Science and Analytics, Systems Engineering, Testing, Cyber Security, and other IM/IT services.

Information Technology

DIS's Information Technology experience spans the full life cycle, from initial business needs analysis to architecture and solution design, rapid application prototyping and full user experience design and implementation. Throughout the life cycle, our teams focus on the alignment of contextual business requirements to the solution being designed and delivered. This top to bottom approach ensures that our client’s business needs are met regardless of the selected technology or architectural approach.

In addition to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which applies in varying degrees to all levels of IT work, we specifically focus on Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Solutions including Cloud Architecture and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Big Data and Business Intelligence and Analytics, and User Centered Design which combines User Experience (UX) with the overall Information Architecture.

Security Solutions

DIS engineers have utilized NIST, DISA STIGs, and CIS benchmarks coupled with organization-specific guidance and industry best-practices to harden systems. Vulnerability scanning is a key component of assessing weaknesses in network components, endpoints, and software. Our engineers have been providing Information Assurance services to the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as other federal agencies for many years. DIS has worked with various CyberSecurity specialists in federal agencies such as the DoD and Veterans Affairs (VA). Specifically, we have led major initiatives in the federal government to improve agility, automation, and overall response times across agencies responding to critical cyber incidents or attacks.

Network Design & Engineering

Every client has unique enterprise network design and engineering needs. DIS's Solution Architects have complementary skills and experience with industry-leading Enterprise Architecture (EA) processes to assist with end-to-end modeling, application, infrastructure modeling, and security modeling. Our engineers have implemented each of these to help various federal agencies work toward the same goal of synchronizing technology performance within their various business processes. 

Cloud and Server Virtualization 

Our architects have experience analyzing various critical components of a data center from the underlying network infrastructure, hosting servers, enterprise storage arrays, backup/recovery, high availability, and failover solutions for optimize Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.


We have led initiatives to increase server virtualization which yields numerous benefits including increased efficiency and decreased system administration overhead. Virtualization allows an organization to more efficiently utilize its assets by minimizing server idle time and elastically provisioning resources. Additionally, an organization will realize a decrease in physical footprint and power consumption. Virtualization provides server administrators with improved scalability, faster deployments, and reduced downtime through technology such as point-in-time snapshots for rapid disaster recovery.


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